Bravo to Our Tek4Kids Volunteers!

Bravo is an exclamation used to express approval when someone has done something well. Certainly, our Tek4Kids volunteers meet this criteria!

This week, the Tek4Kids staff hosted several of our faithful volunteers at an appreciation luncheon held at the North End Café, located on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville. Don Kavanaugh, Dave Puckett, Bob Glaser and Jack Lydon were recognized for donating countless hours of service to Tek4Kids. Examples of their service include monitoring security equipment, installing and upgrading laptop computers, transportation to the airport and revising our Tek4Kids mission and vision statements.

Tek4Kids staff also celebrated Rose Yunker’s extraordinary contribution of spending the past year in Jeremie, Haiti teaching English for our new technology school students. We are grateful for her invaluable investment in the lives of these students.

Our hats are off to these amazing volunteers!

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