Tek4Kids Thanks Transparent Language!

Tek4Kids continues to recover from the crippling effects of Hurricane Matthew last October. Part of this effort involves replacing Tek4Kids laptops that were damaged in the storm. Many thanks to Transparent Language, who is providing replacement software for these laptops free of charge!

Transparent Language provided their Essentials program – a fun, engaging, and interactive environment which includes activities that teach all four core language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Used with the Tek4Kids laptops in the St. Francis School of Technology, Transparent Language Essentials allows students to advance at their own pace. Built-in assessments provide both teacher and students the means of tracking individual progress.

Our English language volunteer in Haiti, Rose Yunker, commented, “Transparent Language’s program for teaching English to French-speaking students was an invaluable aid to my Haitian students’ progress. It provided the backbone to my own classroom activities and kept my class productively engaged while I worked with individual students or small groups.”

Hats off to Transparent Language for this generous gift!

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